Wireless Printing

Print to the library’s printer from your laptop, cell phone, or desktop.  To print a document, email or email attachment, submit them to our print cloud service.

  1. Send an email to print@ricohprintcloud.com with any file or files you want to print attached.  The Print Cloud can process print attachments such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, PDF, photos, webpages or just the email body text.
  2. Within minutes you will receive an email from the Print Cloud Dashboard with a release code.  The print job will remain active for one week.
  3. Head to our photocopier and touch Mobile Print then touch Print Cloud.
  4. Insert the code you received, adjust settings and touch Print.

Black and White = $.10 per sheet
Color= $.50 per sheet

The email you receive will contain a thumbnail of your attachment and a release code to print it along with a second release code for the text of the email if you want to print it:


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