Jan 292013

Can’t get enough of the TV hit “Downton Abbey”? Readers looking for fiction in a similar vein should try Fay Weldon’s Habits of the House. The novel begins in 1899 when the Earl of Dilberne’s privileged existence is threatened by the debts he can no longer ignore. The only way out is for his son or daughter to marry into wealth, but neither his suffragette daughter nor his mistress-keeping son seems up to the task of finding a spouse. An American family with new money and an eligible daughter could be the family’s only way out of collapse, but as the new couple gets to know each other, the secrets they are keeping could ruin everyone’s plans.

Jan 032013

2013 Reading Challenge

“Ring in the new year: The century is officially a teenager! What will you do with your 2013? January is that magical time of goal-making. Will you learn a new language or commit to the gym twice a week? More importantly, how many books will you read? Make a reading resolution with the 2013 Reading Challenge, and Goodreads will help you hit your target.”


Curl Up with a Novel

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Dec 262012

You may be stuck inside this winter, but you can travel the world in Eight Girls Taking Pictures, the latest novel from Whitney Otto (author of How to Make An American Quilt). Otto’s new book spans several decades and various settings such as Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and Mexico as Otto’s female characters face the challenges of womanhood in the 20th century. All of the women are photographers, linked by their balancing acts as artists and career women in addition to their roles as wives and women. An exploration of feminism and family, Eight Girls Taking Pictures is a satisfying portrait of the intersection between family and art.