Sep 172013

Science Festival

Programs to be held at the library on Saturday 28 | 1-3 pm

  • Watersheds and Water Quality
    • Hands-on demonstrations to help you understand the connections between land use and water quality
  • Apparel Design Development
  • Deconstruction Zone
    • See how things work
  • Air Rocket Launches

Open to all ages

To see what else is going around the state visit www.wisconsinsciencefest.org

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Poetry of Jon Talberg

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Apr 022013

Jon Talberg

April is Poetry Month.  We are featuring the poetry of local teen Jon Talberg.

Let’s Talk
by Jon Talberg

Let’s talk again,
Before the stars and the moon and ink black sky,
disappear, in a flash, of nothingness

Let’s not delay, the end lurks so close, so close,
Carried on the wings of the approaching starlight,
So close.

Let’s be together,
Regretting the empty years,
and the empty hearts,
and the empty minds that drove us to loneliness.

Let’s talk again.  It’s about time.
The end lurks so close.


Read more of Jon’s poetry in our Teen area.

Crossover YA

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Nov 192012



From Twilight to The Hunger Games, many YA novels have grown beyond the teen audience and become favorites of adult readers, too. If you’re looking for a crossover title with adult appeal, consider David Levithan’s latest young adult novel, Every Day. The main character known as “A” is a genderless and faceless soul who wakes up in a different teenage body every morning. A has gotten used to switching bodies, but when A wakes up as Justin and meets his girlfriend Rhiannon, the pair experience an instant connection. What follows is an exploration of identity, as Rhiannon learns to recognize A even as he/she continues to change bodies. Teens and adults alike will appreciate this brilliant meditation on life and love.